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Crazy Tiger King Conspiracy Suggests Jeff Lowe Was Once Married To Carole Baskin


There's a conspiracy theory doing the rounds online that Jeff Lowe might have been Carole Baskin's first husband. We're not so sure.

Netflix's Tiger King has taken the world by storm. The crazy documentary featuring warring big cat owners, murder plots, polygamist marriages, and honestly, we're only just scratching the surface. Would it have gained as much traction had there not been a global pandemic going on that's keeping everyone indoors? We'll never know.

All seven episodes of Tiger King were released in one go so chances are most of you reading this, just like us, have binge-watched the entire series. Thankfully, Netflix gave fans an added bonus in the form of an after-show this past weekend. Joel McHale interviewed stars from the show in a sort of "where are they now" type deal.

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That added extra simply isn't enough for some Tiger King fans. They've had a taste of how crazy the world can be and that's got their wheels turning. So much so that some have started spinning their very own conspiracy theories regarding members of the Tiger King universe. The latest of which suggests Jeff Lowe, the man who took Joe Exotic's zoo, was the first husband of Carole Baskin.

No, not Don, the one who was allegedly fed to the tigers. The husband before that who was abusive to Baskin. As you can see in the tweet above, the two of them look incredibly alike, hence the theory. The trouble is, as highlighted by UniLad, the ages don't add up. If Baskin's comments about her first husband are true, he'd be 81 right now. Lowe claims to be 67 and even if he is lying, we can't imagine he's 14 years older than that.

It seems the world of Tiger King is so crazy that fans won't rule anything out. A theory like this is potential fuel for a second season. James Garretson (the jet ski guy) has recently been conducting interviews where he claims there was so much left unexplored by Netflix that there could easily be a second season. Plus, there's the possibility Joe Exotic's appeal is successful and he gets out of jail, although that one seems like a long shot.

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